Shipping PolicyFussy-Shopper's Shipping Policy and Method

Shipping Policy: impliments the "Best Practices" method of shipping.


What Are Shipping Rates?

Shipping Rates are the costs associated with shipping any and all products via reputable shipping carriers, eg: UPS, FedEx & USPS.Yes... Even the "free shipping" has these costs included.


What Are The Primary Shipping Methods?

  • "Low List Price" This offers a low price then added inflated shipping costs.
  • "Free Shipping" This offers a higher price with the shipping pre-calculated into that price.
  • "Best Practices" This offers a modest list price, and adds the actual shipping costs.


Comparative Examples of Shipping Methods:

To further illustrate this for you so that you may get a full appreciation for Fussy-Shopper's best practices shipping policy I have shared the three examples below.

Please note: This information is from an actual comparative shopping research project conducted on October 1, 2012. The research project's data was taken from the very popular comparative shopping site known as "The Find", and it allows retailers a free listing for each of their products. (The product compared was a Quilt, and for privacy purposes the real name of the competitors has been disquised. Only the method of shipping has been used to describe other competitors.)

Please review examples A, B and C below:

                              Example A                        Example B                       Example C

Retailer:            "Competitor 1"                Fussy-Shopper                "Competitor 2"

Ship Policy:     "Low List Price"              "Best Practices"               "Free Shipping"

List Price:             $ 72.99                              $82.86                                 $95.98

Shipping Cost:    $ 28.99                              $  5.95                                  $  0.00

End Cost:            $101.98                              $88.81                                   $95.98

Above Lowest:    $  13.17                              $  0.00                                   $  7.17                 

We now hope you too see the very high value of Fussy-Shopper's "Best Practices" shipping method it uses.


Additional Shipping Details:

Shipping Times Most of our orders are shipped within 24-48 hours. Tracking information is e-mailed within 24 hours of shipment. Most of our orders arrive within 3 - 4 business days. For larger items, Please allow up to 15 business days for your item to arrive. We do not ship on Saturday, Sunday or holidays. Please allow an additional 24 to 48 hours for weekend orders.

Do you ship internationally? We can only ship or bill to addresses in the United States. We are currently unable to ship or bill to addresses outside of the U.S. Due to shipper restrictions, we cannot deliver to APOs, FPOs, or U.S. Territories.

Order Tracking Has my order shipped? We e-mail tracking numbers on all orders usually within 24 to 48 hours of shipment. Our estimated delivery time is 3 to 10 business days following shipment.

Can I track my order? We e-mail tracking numbers on all orders usually within 24 hours of shipment. Along with the tracking number, we provide a link to the carriers Web page to assist in your tracking.

My order never arrived? If you have received a tracking number and your order never arrived in accordance to the shipping carriers estimated delivery date, please Contact Us and we will assist you in locating your order. If you have not received a tracking number: Has it been 15 business days since your order was confirmed?

                    NO : Please wait the 15 business day period prior to contacting us.

                   YES : Please Contact Us

An item is missing from my order? Most of our products are shipped from a central warehouse. However, there are times that orders contain products that are shipped from multiple warehouses. If you believe that an item is missing from your shipment:

I received a product missing parts If you have received a product with missing parts, please Contact Us.

I received the wrong product If you have received the wrong product, please Contact Us.

I need a copy of my receipt/invoice. Immediately after submitting your order, we display your invoice/receipt. Please print this invoice/receipt out for your records. In addition, we also e-mail you a copy of your invoice/receipt. If you need a copy of your invoice/receipt, please Contact Us.

Please note: All shipping times are based on business days. Also, our warehouses do not ship on weekends and we do not offer Saturday, Sunday or Holiday delivery.

Happy Fussy Shopping!!!

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